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Best At Serving Sodium Sulfate Powder, White Sodium Sulfate Powder, Transparent Coated Powder In Standard To Custom Quantities.

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Every business enterprise tries to excel in their respective work domain, but only a few get success because those few stands true to their moral grounds and work to not singularly make profit, but to give customers, a complete value for their invested money in the form of effective products. Our company, Vallite Corporation comes in the list of latter because it stays true to its commitments, never compromise with quality and keeps an eye on growing market needs.

Our China based popular company produces Our China based popular company produces Coated Na2SO4 Transparent Powder for Transparent Masterbatch. Particles size differ from 800mesh/1250mesh/2000mesh/2500mesh/3000mesh. These powder based solutions proves worthy of investment because supreme ingredients are used in production.

Caring for the amount of money invested by customers, we, as a manufacturer, make sure that quality reaches to customers in the best manner. Our quality assurance team never fails at testing products in a right manner and this helps us guarantee excellence and effectiveness in our products.

Packaging Perfection

Perfection in packaging is when a product is neatly packed for careful storage. Knowing the importance of neat and safe packaging, we indulge in packaging perfection. We have a special team at our company for packaging different types of powders. For quality packaging and safe delivery of powders in required quantities, we use 25kg size PP based different sizes of bags with PE liner bag. Each bag is sealed properly to ensure there is no wastage and safe storage.

Our Strengths

Vallite Corporation is a 2012 formed business enterprise that has grown well in the industry because of its strengths, which are as follows:

  • Warehousing Facility: We have very large space in Qingdao (China), for storing Coated Na2SO4 Transparent Powder for Transparent Masterbatch. The space is well-kept by our warehousing team. Easy loading and unloading from our warehouse is the result of our systematic storage.
  • Our Team: We are a company that has experienced professionals to handle every business activity, starting with production and ending to delivery. The team of 15 members is best strength and great support to the company.
  • Swift Delivery System: The reason for our company's 'Reputed' status in the global market is our swift delivery system. Our fast delivery system is one of the best examples of our commitment fulfilling promise.

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