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It is sustainable to provide customers around the world with high quality and low price transparent powders.

Transparent powder is divided into paint-grade transparent powder and rubber-plastic grade transparent powder. Rubber-plastic grade transparent powder has high transparency and high dispersibility. Its refractive index is very close to that of most synthetic resins. With appropriate dosage, the made transparent masterbatch does not affect the transparency of the finished product, does not affect the color of the finished product, does not affect the mechanical properties of the finished product, and reduces the production cost of the finished product. It has been widely used in the manufacture of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) finished products. The application process includes film, tableware, extrusion, injection molding, blister, sheet, plate, pipe, Cast, etc.

Our company Vallite has been deeply involved in the industry for 18 years. The rubber-plastic grade T series transparent powder independently produced and developed has received strong attention and praise in the domestic and foreign markets. T series transparent powder is made of high-quality special ore body, high-whiteness mineral powder as raw material (non-metallic ore) processed by special production technology.

Our company Vallite introduces the most advanced grinding equipment and production management technology in the industry, adopts a digital visualized intelligent control system, uses ultra-fine powder technology, and uses high-end additives for surface coating modification. Comparing with other competitors' products, the T series transparent powder has better transparency, dispersibility and stability, which greatly reduces the moisture absorption of the product and increases the cross-linking with other organic resins, so that the particle size distribution of the product is more concentrated, and the fineness can reach D97 (18-4 microns), which is 800-4000 mesh. The annual production capacity is 60,000 tons.

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